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Italian Greyhound Breeder with Puppies Available

If you are interested in an About Time Italian Greyhound, please take a few minutes and submit the application below. We sell our pups to approved homes only, so we appreciate you taking the time to help us get to know you better. Filling out this application does not obligate you to buy a puppy nor does it guarantee you will be approved. We will contact you after we review your application. Please be honest - there are no "right" or "wrong" answers, and please take the time to fill out the application completely. The information you provide will allow is to get to know you better, and help us to match the right puppy to your family.

Your Name:
Your eMail Address:   *Required Field*
Day Phone Number:
Evening Phone Number:
Cell Phone Number:
Street Address:
City, State/Provence, Zip:
Are you interested in a specific IG we currently have available? (If yes, which one?)
Are you at least 18 years of age and able to enter into a legal agreement? Yes No
How many people (adults and children) live in your home?
(Please provide Name / Age / Relationship for each one)
What attracted you to the Italian Greyhound breed?
Do you currently own any IGs? (If so, how many?)

     (If yes) Where did you obtain them from?
     (If yes) Are they altered (spayed/neutered) or intact?
     If intact, have you ever bred them? (If yes, how often?)
Have you owned Italian Greyhounds or SightHound breeds in the past?
(If yes, what happened to them & where did you obtain them from?)
Please list all pets that you currently own and/or care for:
(Please provide the following for each pet: Breed / Age / Sex / Spayed/Neutered or Intact?)
Have you ever returned a dog for any reason? (If yes, what was the reason?)
Have you ever surrendered a dog (to a pound / humane society / rescue group / etc.) for any reason?
(If yes, what was the reason?)
Do you Own / Rent your House / Townhouse / Condo / Apartment / Other
Do you have a fenced yard? Yes No
Will there be anyone home on a regular basis during the day? (Provide details)
How many hours per day will your dog spend alone? (Provide details)

Where will your IG spend his time? (Inside the home, yard, kennel run, crate etc.)
If inside the home will he have full run of the house or will he be restricted?

Puppies need to be trained. They will not automatically know how you want them to behave.
Do you realize this and are you willing to commit to working through behavioral problems?
Yes No

What kind of research have you done on Italian Greyhounds?
Are you familiar with housetraining issues and the possibilities of front leg fractures?

Are you intrested in breeding your new IG?
Yes       No
Are you willing to spay/neuter your new IG if purchased as a companion?
Yes       No
Are you interested in a:
Male       Female       Undecided
Are you interested in a:
Companion/Pet    Show Prospect    Agility Prospect
Do you have a color preference? (List up to three, in order of preference)
Are you flexible on color preference?     Yes      No
What kind of temperament/personality are you looking for in your new Italian Greyhound?
Please tell us why you would like to add a About Time Italian Greyhound to your family:
If you have any other additional information about yourself that will help us determine the best match for you and your family, please provide it here:
Do you have any additional questions or comments for us?:
*Required Field*  Provide Your Current Veterinarian Information:
*Required Field*   Provide a Personal Reference that is familiar with you and your animals:

How did you find our website? Search Engine / Website Link / Referral / etc. (Please tell us Who!)
If you have NOT yet read our sales policies page as we requested, please review it now as it contains a lot if information that will answer most commonly questions about our puppies and policies. If you have not yet read it, will you read it now and have reviewed it by the time we contact you back? Yes No

Again, please be honest - there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. The information you provide will allow is to get to know you better, and help us to match the right puppy to your family. Intentionally providing false information on this application will result in denial and loss of your deposit. We do reserve the right to verify all information provided, possibly including a visit to your home. By submitting this application, you are certifying that all of your answers are true and that you have read and understand the information on our policies page.

Do you understand and agree to this?   Yes     No

If you have checked "Yes" above, type your full name in the box below to show you understand and agree to the above terms:

Please double check before submitting that your e-mail address is correct
and you have filled out the application completely. THANKS!


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