Italian Greyhound Information and Care

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Italian Greyhound Care & Information
"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself."
-Chinese Proverb

This page is written to help answer many of the questions that frequently come up about bringing a new IG puppy into your lives, and to provide information on many aspects of the Italian Greyhound breed. We have taken the time to provide extensive information on a wide variety of subjects, covering many things from feeding to collars, socialization to housebreaking, vaccinations, supplements, broken legs, healthcare, breed information, and more! If you are looking for Italian Greyhound information on a certain topic, we have broken the information into pages by subject below. If you are bringing a new "About Time" puppy into your lives, please take the time to read the "New Puppy Care" page before your puppy arrives - there is a wealth of information there to help with a smooth transition and get you and your puppy a great start together.

• IG Breed Standard & Info
  General breed information and AKC standard.

• IG Colors & Markings
  Photos and descriptions of IG colors and markings.

• New Puppy Care
  Everything you need to know about bringing home your new "About Time" puppy!

 Feeding & Supplements  Kibble Choices & Dog Food Recalls
  Information on kibble and raw feeding, supplements, cooking for your IGs, recipies, and more.

 Dog Food Quality Rating System
  A simple system to judge the quality of kibble brands - see how your dog food measures up.

• Socialization Coming Soon
  Socialization for the right Foundation. Building a solid future for your puppy.

• Leg Breaks
  An insightful look at the Italian Greyhound's propensity toward leg breaks, and factors that can cause and help avoid them.

  Information on how each About Time puppy is started with a good foundation for housetraining, and how to best make the transition and continue housetraining when your new puppy arrives.

• Healthcare Coming Soon
  Spay/Neutering, Teeth Cleaning, Nail Trimming & More...

• Male vs. Female
  The difference between the sexes in Italian Greyhounds. Thoughts to consider when choosing the sex of your new puppy.

• Sighthounds Off-Leash
  Coming Soon...

This page is a constant work in progress, and will have new information added on a regular basis.

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