Breeder of Italian Greyhounds

About Time Acres Amore
Red/White Female
8.5lb, 14"
AKC# TP164279/03
Tara's Shawn D'Salswift  x  Tara's Brown Sugar Babe

     "Love at first sight" ... That sums up the first glimpse I had of this adorable little wiggling red blur that made straight for my lap when we first met! There was never a question as to what her name would be, (or if she was coming home with me)! Amore, Amy for short, lives up to her name on a daily basis. She is a happy and expressive IG, always glad to see me and very eager to please! She's an easy one to train as she lives to make me happy and loves nothing better than a word of praise. Amy often gets so excited she can barely contain herself! A word of praise will set her tail wagging so fast that it in turn wags the whole back half of her body! Amy is a very animated girl, expressive, elegant, and demure. She's a little 14 inch bundle of Love!

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