Breeder of Italian Greyhounds

Blue Rose Eloquence
Blue/White Wild Irish Female
7.5 lbs
AKC# TR154287/02
Yimmy  x  Spunky

     Baby missed her true calling in life as a canine escape artist, but she is much loved as a beautiful girl here! This opinionated little dog is a monkey in disguise! Baby hasn't met a gate she can't scale or fence she can't climb. The first time I left her in an outdoor play area only to find her by my side by the time I reached the house door ... I assumed I forgot to close the gate. The second time I put her back, double checked the gate, and found her back by my side (on the OTHER SIDE of a 6 foot chin link fence) within two minutes ... I knew I had a problem. She's very like a cat in her quirks. Oftentimes she doesn't really have any reason to want to be on the other side of the fence, she just seems to want to be there simply because I put her on the other side!
     The title for the quickest draw in the west goes to this girl when it comes to food. Anytime food is involved in my activities she'll stroll quietly around the perimeter of the potential-drop-zone. She has the art of looking innocent down to perfection, but her eyes give her away of you watch them - they never leave the food for a second! We have no such thing as a 5-second-rule in this house when food hits the floor - our household rule is the Before-Baby-Rule: (in other words if you can pick it back up before the little blue land-shark gets it, its still good)! No need to worry about brushing floor dust off the food though ...Baby can dart though the entire pack of IGs the second a piece of food begins to fall, arriving at the plotted landing location before the other dogs are even aware anything was coming, and inhale it before it even touches the ground!
     Baby is a littermate/sister to our Dizzi - and is a daughter of our Spunky. Small and refined, Baby loves to please, and always insists on getting her way!

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