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Breeder of Italian Greyhounds

About Time for Chocolate
Seal/White Female
AKC# TR326801/08
CH Marchwind Luck of the Draw  x  Aurora Briar Rose

     Renée is as sweet as chocolate (hence her name) and just a bundle of joy! She is very outgoing, always wants to play, and loves baths... (really)! Make no mistake about it, Renée owns the bed (although I'm allowed to join her in a small portion of it every night), and if I dare to wiggle and disturb her "beauty sleep" I hear about it with low muttered grumble/growl complaints under her breath.
     Renée is incredibly smart - it only took her a couple weeks to figure out that she wasn't allowed in the bed until after she got her bath for the evening if she had been outside. Shortly after that I was startled by a cold wet nose while in the shower only to find that she had invited herself into the shower with me. She soon made that into a regular habit - popping in on her own for her evening shower, then bouncing into bed and burrowing under the quilts as soon as we were done. If I stay up too late (past her bedtime) now, she'll run into the shower and wait for me there - her way of telling me to hurry up so we can go to bed!

About Time for Chocolate  Seal/White Female, AKC# Pending,  Breeder: Fairview Italian Greyhounds
Color: SEAL / WHITE 
Reg.# TR326801/08



3rd Generation
4th Generation
5th Generation

Ch Marchwind Luck of the Draw


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Aurora Briar Rose


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Amores White Trash


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