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About Time's Sure Bet
Seal/White Female
AKC Registered
Spytfire  x  Jinx

     After years of careful breeding to produce exactly what I want in my ideal IG, Sure Bet is my first self-bred IG to go into the show rings. 'Sherbert' is a gorgeous and striking girl retained female from our breeding who has matured to meet our every expectation! She has easily been excelling in the show ring, and with limited showing has already racked up both her majors and is working on her last couple points to finish now. It is so nice to see my careful breeding pay off with such a beautiful girl who not only has a wonderful outgoing temperament, but can easily compete in the show ring as well.

About Time's Sure Bet:

  • 10/16-17/2010: My little girl 'Sherbert', for her first time in the ring at her first show with just a few hours of show training on her ... did GREAT! Beating a number of quite experienced/practiced IGs, Sherbert came out of a puppy class to take Best of Opposite Sex one day, and Best of Breed the next day!
  • 11/13/10, Pueblo CO show: At her second show, came our of her puppy class to beat 13 other females and take Winners Bitch (a 5 Point Major Win)!
  • 05/17/2011, Albuquerque NM show, Winners Bitch (and a 3 point Major win).

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